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Important Notice:
This is a web-based application, and hence needs stable internet connection.


How much data is needed monthly?

Depending on usage. Typically, a branch consumes about 0.3GB to 0.5GB per month.

Is 3G Connection enough?

3G speed or 3mbps is the minimum speed required, although there will be about 1 second lagĀ  on 3G.

For optimum performance, we recommend 4G connection, or at least 3G+ or 15mbps.


Important Notice:
Currently, only Windows and Android devices support direct receipt printing from our system.


Windows PC/Laptop/Notebook/Tablet

Windows 7

  • 4GB RAM

Windows 8 or 10

  • 2GB RAM


Android Smartphone/Tablet/Notebook

  • 2GB RAM
  • Android 8.0 or later

iOS / MacOS

Important Notice:
This is a web-based application. As Safari lags to implement some functionalities, those functions do not behave as intended in Apple products.


Affected Functions:


  • Mobile Notifications
  • In-system QR scanner or Barcode Scanner
  • Invoice Summary Printing