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Comparing with Competitors

Mar 4, 2021

Our System Competitor
Online Catalogue
Online Booking
Multi Device / Platform
Hardware Packages
User Levels and Authority ½
Accounting ½
Cashier POS
Creditors / Debtors
Inventory ½ ½ ½
Mobile Notification ½ ½
Order, Job and Item Tracking ½ ½ ½
Promotions ½
Transaction And Order Tags ½
Staff Attendance
Staff  Job Performance
Staff Sales Performance
3rd Party Delivery Integration
Payment Gateway Integration
FB & Google Integration
Affiliate Marketing
On-Screen Guide

Competitor Y, OP and OS are built for online marketing and ordering, thus their features reflect online marketing, engagement and delivery functions. Meanwhile, N is built as a basic accounting software, with added functions to cater orders and inventory. It lacks online marketing, engagement function.

Our product was originally built for full business operations, and added functions to cater online business in the new norm.